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Established in 2003, It is specialized in researching ,developing, producing and selling automotive equipments. It is located in Yingkou city and near from Yingkou or Dalian seaport . Yongbang has advanced processing device and have an professional team to research and develop products.
The main products of our company are hydraulic pressure shear style lifts,two column hydraulic pressure lifts, four column hydraulic pressure lifts, hydraulic pressure double column gantry cranes, tire changers, wheel balancers, and wheel alignment.
They are popular by domestic market and international market. Our company insists on the management idea of "Reputation is the first, Quality is the basis", and manufactured according to ISO9001 system. We will make the best effort to innovate and improve them. We provided high quality products for automobile service companies and earned well-deserved reputation. The products are exported to North America , South Africa, East Europe, South east Asia, Mid east and so on.
We welcome all world wide customers to establish business partner relationship with us in future.

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